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My Fifth Album as a Leader on SteepleChase: The Twelve

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

NEW STEEPLECHASE recording featuring Freddie Hendrix and Rudy Royston.

My 5th CD as a leader for SteepleChase, The Twelve, is available this month. This recording features Freddie Hendrix on Trumpet, Ethan Herr on Piano, Nick Morrison on Bass, and Rudy Royston on Drums. I will, of course, be playing Guitar and all composing/arranging. WOOOHEEEE!

Craig Brann's a guitarist with a really fresh vision in jazz – a mode of using his instrument almost as a way to sew together the sounds from other members of his group, while still allowing for plenty of solo space too! The approach is a bit hard to describe, but comes across instantly on the first listen of the album – as Brann seems to be everywhere at once, running back, forth, and between a tight lineup that features Freddie Hendrix on trumpet, Ethan Herr on piano, Nick Morrison on bass, and Rudy Royston on drums! We always love Royston on a session – and here, he brings in this quiet sort of urgency that really resonates with Brann's style – on a set of mostly original songs that include "Ode To Charles Lutwidge Dodgson", "No Freeloader", "Sheol Song", "Hornpout", and "The Twelve". ” - Dusty Grove

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